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The Fair Housing Act (FHA) is well known for fighting discrimination in our communities, but there is another part of the FHA that covers accessible design and construction. We’ve compiled a few things every architect, builder, construction manager and developer should know about these standards.

The FHA Design & Construction Requirements are not the same as ADA requirements:

While the ADA and the FHA are both intended to prevent discrimination, the design and construction guidelines are separate and must be addressed individually.

The FHA Design & Construction Requirements are… required:

The Design and Construction requirements found in the FHA are required by federal law. Non compliance could result in fines, retrofits and other remedies. Knowing the requirements ahead of time could save your company time and money. Prepare yourself by understanding the requirements before building.

The FHA Design & Construction Requirements are necessary for ensuring equal opportunity to housing for persons with disabilities:

Fair Housing practices protect the rights of the residents. Complying with design and construction requirements allows housing providers to affirmatively further fair housing in their communities.

Need to know more?

On October 15-16 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, FHRC will be hosting the National Trade Show on Accessibility. This two day event will offer CEU courses for architects, builders, construction managers, developers, laborers, inspectors, and auditors on design and construction requirements and fair housing laws. These classes will be presented by experts in the field. There will also be vendors with accessible design products and services for people with disabilities which can be used in the development of housing or during daily living. Learn, network and view products/services all in one place.
If you are unable to make it to our trade show this year, the Fair Housing Rights Center offers both in person and virtual compliance trainings. For information and pricing please contact the office at 215.625.0700.

  *The Fair Housing Rights Center has filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the trademark of the name National Trade Show on Accessibility. The trademark is currently pending.