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Potential victims of discrimination are often people with disabilities. FHRC makes Reasonable Accommodations to communicate with callers who are deaf or hard of hearing. If you or a loved one are deaf or hard of hearing and need to do an over the phone intake with our staff, please follow the directions below.

    The TTY PA Relay system works in three ways; To connect:

Step 1: Dial 711 to use Hamilton Relay in Pennsylvania or call one of the toll free numbers
– TTY: 800-654-5984, machine usage
– Voice: 800-654-5988
– Speech-to-Speech 844-308-9292; for Spanish 844-308-9291

Step 2: When consumers Dial 711 they will give them FHRC’s telephone number
215-625-0700 or toll free 866-576-1968
They will call us with message PA Relay with a call
The conversation will start there and they will relay
the information to the consumer.

For further information go to : www.hamitonrelay.com