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For 5 years, Friends of Labor has been a constant donor to the Fair Housing Rights Center in Southeastern Pennsylvania. We want to thank them for providing us with the opportunity to continue serving protected class members and their families.

Since 1968, our government recognized the importance of outlawing redlining and stopped the harmful practice of government-sponsored racial segregation. Shrinking government support does not cover what it takes to purchase adequate office supplies or the salaries of college graduates who also face the high cost of housing, student loan debt, raising families, and saving for retirement.

Therefore, charitable giving that supports social justice activities will soon outweigh government support. Locally, FHRC relies on financial gifts from the Friends of Labor Committee to offset budgetary restrictions and cuts against fair housing activities.

Your support empowers FHRC to purchase basic office supplies, schedule educational forums, and sustain services that stop families from ending out on the street or in institutions. For example, by giving today, you have the power to contribute to new software that tracks and aggregates information that informs consumers, housing providers, and elected officials.

With your support, Southeastern Pennsylvania is becoming an inclusive area in which all people can live and thrive.