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Decades ago, health and housing were managed by the same parties. Like most social issues, over time, how those things were dealt with evolved. By the start of the new millennia, health and housing reunited.

Healthcare refers to housing as a social determinant of health because where housing is located and its conditions can directly and indirectly affect health. Poor housing conditions also increases the cost of healthcare as sick patients turn to medical facilities for treatment.

A little known fact about health and housing is an inhabitant’s personal medical condition(s), which may be mental, intellectual, or physical, may not coincide with their housing. When that happens, he/she/they may have the right to request a Reasonable Accommodation (RA), a provision of the federal Fair Housing Amendments Act or Pennsylvania Human Relations Act.

In coming editions of Open House, look for more information about the power of the RA. This edition contains a press release about a woman who needed an RA. Read about what did not happen initially but eventually happened when she contacted FHRC for assistance. Future editions will highlight unprecedented health and housing symposiums that were planned and hosted by FHRC and its community partners.