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Home Seekers Assistance Spanish

El Centro de Derechos de Vivienda Justa en Sureste Pennsylvania ayuda familias de ingresos moderada o baja y los individuos a través de la publicación de nuestra lista semanal del buscador casero. La lista consta de los alquileres de mercado justos en el área del Condado de Montgomery. Esta lista se puede transferir fuera de este sitio web, envió por correo postal, por correo-e, o se recupera en persona en la oficina con cita previa.

Home Seekers Assistance English

The Fair Housing Rights Center in Southeastern Pennsylvania helps low to moderate income families and individuals through the publication of our bi weekly Home Seeker’s List. The list consists of fair market rentals in the Montgomery County area. This list can be downloaded off of this website, sent via postal mail, e-mailed, or retrieved in person at the office by appointment.

Assessment of Fair Housing – City of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Housing Authority

The federal Fair Housing Act prohibits housing-related discrimination because of race, color, religion,
sex, familial status, national origin or disability. The U. S. Department of Housing and Urban
Development (HUD) and the agencies that receive HUD funding to implement its programs – such as
the City of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) – must not discriminate, and
must also use those programs to affirmatively further fair housing.
To implement that charge, HUD adopted an Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule on July
16, 2015 and issued a Rule Guidebook on December 31, 2015. The AFFH rule requires fair housing
planning, the first step of which is completing an Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH).
Both the City and PHA are required to prepare the AFH, although on different schedules. However, to
comprehensively assess fair housing conditions and needs in Philadelphia, the City and PHA agreed
to prepare a joint AFH.

Rental Housing Discrimination on the Basis of Mental Disabilities: Results of Pilot Testing

When inquiring about rental units, people with disabilities often get no response. They are less likely than others to be told that a unit is available or invited to check it out. And frequently, they are treated adversely or encouraged to look at a different unit than what was advertised. The Fair Housing Act protects people with disabilities from this form of discrimination. Read the full report here.

2017 Fair Housing Trends Report

NFHA’s 2017 Fair Housing Trends Report highlights the need for the enforcement of the Fair Housing Act by private and public agencies. Housing discrimination persists into the 21st Century and is responsible for the wealth disparities that we witness in American society today. Read the report to further understand how we got to be where we are today. The report covers housing discrimination, lending discrimination, and lack of access to opportunities in minority neighborhoods. NFHA lays out the problem, and provides solutions for the issues that we are obligated to tackle if we are committed to human rights.