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Before calling the Fair Housing Rights Center in Southeastern Pennsylvania to schedule a compliance training, you may find yourself wondering why you should call in the first place. Fair Housing Compliance Training has several benefits, but the most important function that it serves is to help you and your company avoid Conciliation procedures.

Conciliation is the process that a housing provider, property manager, leasing agent, or maintenance personnel will have to undergo if a Fair Housing complaint is filed against them. Unfortunately, your company may be violating Fair Housing laws right now without even knowing it. While the Fair Housing Rights Center in Southeastern Pennsylvania is commissioned to advocate on behalf of consumers, we also find it valuable to educate housing providers – before discrimination occurs.

Preventing housing discrimination is our priority, and it should be yours as well. Conciliation agreements almost always end in a settlement that involves monetary compensation by the respondent in order to cover the complaintant’s damages. This can be a very expensive process for your company. In order to avoid the legal and monetary ramifications of discrimination, we highly advise in favor of Compliance Training. When it comes to housing discrimination, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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