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About FHRC



The Mission of the Fair Housing Rights Center in Southeastern Pennsylvania (FHRC) is to ensure equal access to housing opportunities to all persons.

The Fair Housing Rights Center in Southeastern Pennyslvania (FHRC) was originally organized in 1990 to address the problem of housing discrimination in Montgomery County. FHRC was founded by Dr. Mari K. Fielder, a professor and mother who realized the need for fair housing advocacy for women with children, and Marlene Craven, a disability rights advocate. In May of 2007, FHRC changed its name from the Fair Housing Council of Montgomery County to the Fair Housing Rights Center in Southeastern Pennsylvania to more accurately reflect the geographic area reached.


FHRC works cooperatively and collectively with other fair housing agencies to provide innovative and effective services to the public for the prevention and elimination of housing discrimination throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.

Everybody has the right to housing equality, and the Fair Housing Rights Center in Southeastern Pennsylvania assists those who may have had this right infringed upon. If you feel that you or someone you know has experienced unlawful housing discrimination, please contact us today.


We are committed to bringing fair housing rights education to families and housing providers across our district. Our focus is not only assisting qualified people obtain housing but helping them to identify unlawful housing practices. These infringements span from minor to large institutional practices that cause lasting devastating community effects. Discriminatory practices don’t always immediately show the breath of it’s reach in it’s impediment for civil and housing rights.

As a leading organization encharged in combating these practice, The Fair Housing Rights Center in South Eastern PA serves as a resource to the many afflicted victims of discrimination. We are committed to ensuring fair and reasonable housing accommodation to protected classes, children unknowingly effected, and many other groups who have direct or indirect experience with it.

  • Education
  • Public Policy Initiatives
  • Advocacy and Enforcement
  •  Community Development
  • Outreach Services
  • Compliance Training

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