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Importance of the Fair Housing Rights Act

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The Fair Housing Act has two primary goals. The first is to combat housing discrimination across the country. The second is to promote diverse , inclusive communities for all people.



[edgtf_section_subtitle subtitle_text=”The Fair Housing Rights Center in Southeastern Pennsylvania’s mission is to ensure equal access to housing opportunities for all people.” text_align=”center” text_color=”#888888″]

Who We Are

[edgtf_section_subtitle subtitle_text=”The Fair Housing Rights Center in Southeastern Pennsylvania is a determined advocate for the establishment of equity and maintenance of equal access to housing opportunities for everyone.” text_align=”center” text_color=”#888888″]

Compliance Training

We work with housing providers, management companies, and municipal offices to comply with fair housing laws, guidance, regulations, and rules which govern equal housing opportunities and the best practices of property management which lead to strong, safe, and stable communities.

Tenants With Disabilities

Tenants with disabilities are a specific, vulnerable population that are protected under the federal Fair Housing Act, Title VI, and the general purview of the 1968 Civil Rights Act, as amended, and other related laws. The FHRC supports tenants with disabilities as they are forced to navigate difficult housing situations.

Fair Housing Laws

The federal Fair Housing Rights Act is Title VIII of the 1968 Civil Rights Act, as amended, and serves to protect every individual from discrimination within the public housing industry.

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Intersectionality of housing discrimination and social unrest

The Fair Housing Rights Center in Southeastern Pennsylvania (FHRC) stands in solidarity with those who seek racial, social, economic, and environmental justice.

In 2020, our nation witnessed open violence towards unarmed George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Both deaths shocked our conscience and provoked unprecedented action, which resulted in nation-wide protests as well as an interest in discussing all forms of justice in ways that were overdue.

To address structural racism that impacts quality of life by presenting as residential racial segregation, health disparities, educational achievement gap, racial wealth gap, and healthy housing issues, we invite good corporate citizens to support FHRC’s work that produces positive results such as: preventing untimely episodes of homelessness, displacement, and institutionalization.

FHRC is an experienced non-profit coordinator of symposia that deals with the intersection of fair housing and social conditions that impacting the public including:

  • Code Enforcement
  • Re-entry
  • Hoarding
  • Accessibility
  • Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing
  • Neighborhood Reinvestment
  • Redlining, Gentrification, and Displacement
  • Trauma

FHRC Service Area Map

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